Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life Lessons

This post was spurred on by my closest friends upsetting me, which they do a lot less often than they used to, but they still do it from time to time. In this particular instance, I got over it in 10 minutes. I looked at what they did, stored it in my memory bank of other things they've done, and adjusted my assessment of what type of person they are and my expectations of them. That's drama, no drawn out hard feelings, no big discussions, just keeping it simple and stress free...bc that's how I like to live now. This way of living is very different from how I used to be 5+ years ago...which brings me to my main point: I'm growing up! Yay me! In the process of growing up I've learned some valuable life lessons about people and about myself that allow me to function with minimal stress n drama n bullshittery are some of the most important ones:

People will ultimately do what they want

Basically people are constantly motivated by their own selfish desires. This is not me being pessimistic, its just real. People usually seek out your company, not because they think you might want to spend time with them, but because they want to spend time with you. People begin and end relationships not because they want to ensure your happiness...but because they want to pursue their own. The list can go on and on because that's just generally how we treat each other. It's not necessarily wrong, it's just how we survive. We have to make sure our own needs are met because in most instances we are not put in a position where other people will do this for us. On the flip side I have no problem postponing my desires for someone who's proven they're worth the investment...and most people are able to do this as well.

I am not as perfect as I thought I was

I've always known I wasn't perfect, but I did have a hard time seeing when I was really wrong. I'm stubborn and I believe in myself...what can I say? ::kanye shrug:: But seriously, I believe a huge part in being able to become a better person is realizing who you really are (the good and bad) and figuring out what positive changes you want to and CAN make about yourself. Everybody has negative traits that are just a part of them and in a weird way contribute to what make them great. So learn what to embrace and what you might want to improve upon. There's nothing like something knocking you down to the bottom to make you figure out what it takes to get to to the top (Thank you Alma Mater ::insert bbm sarcastic face here::)

The world is cyclical and connected

I'm a firm believer that life always tries to achieve some sort of balance. For example, if some awful thing happened to you there just might be some major lesson to learn from it or future joy it might bring that you just can't see yet. If you're unbelievably blessed with opportunity, that might be a sign that you're meant to pay it forward to other people. When you think you've lost something, that might just be an opportunity to allow for something new. This also goes for all of our advances as a society. For everything we gain, something is lost...I think we just find that out too late in most cases. Maybe its just the nerd in me because in algebra...whatever you do on one side of the equal must do on the other.

Of course there are loads more, but that's it for now.

~ Peace Love & Chocolate

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Don said...

Not only do I agree in your assessment of the world being cyclical, I feel fortunate to have come across this post considering how well you put it. Definitely agreed.

Whenever I fail to get upset over an incident, it's usually because I realize that I was at the end of the rope and ready to be "let go" anyway.

In other words, they did me the favor. And YES people are going to do WHATEVER they want. Rule #1.